I have known Martin Mederos for over 15 years and was fortunate to hire him and ISG in 2009. Our business in Latin America, Mexico, and South America had been stagnant for years but with ISG it has continued to grow 10-20% annually. Martin and ISG are knowledgeable, honest, friendly, but most of all hard working. They keep both the customer and manufacturer in mind when doing business.

Brian Flynn, Former EVP (retired)
Yellow Jacket

I have been working with Martin Mederos for over 20 years and he has always been reliable to deal with. International Sales Group has given us access to high quality USA-made products, with great pricing and on-time delivery, which makes our customers extremely happy.

Dr. Matthias Eggertsson, President
Eggertsson Trading

If you are in the HVAC world and want to succeed in the Latin American market, International Sales Group is the best choice in industry. Martin's efforts helped us grow Carrier Mexico store sales significantly. Both his connection with technicians as well as our sales team makes all the difference. Martin will not only open doors, he will create a sustainable business and develop strong relationships like no one else in the industry.

Fernando Pujalt, Former Director of Business Development

I have known Martin for nearly two decades. Not only is he terrific at developing business in Latin America, he has a wonderful personality and a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend his services.

Orlando Tercilla, Vice President-Director
Refricenter International